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Even if Manny Pacquiao said that he is ready to fight Shane Mosley on May 7, the biggest threat to him will be the power punches of the Pomona native in the early rounds.

Many are thinking that Shane is already behind his competitive days, merely because of his last two fights which both happened last year. His last fight, against Sergio Mora in September 13, 2011, was stolen from him. Even though the ringside referees scored it a draw, many of the boxing enthusiasts who are watching at the sidelines and at home believed that Mosley won that fight. He was the more aggressive fighter in most of the rounds and he also connected the most number of punches.

Mosley last lost to the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr in May 1, 2010. It was a clear UD loss for him but the first few rounds of that fight were very notable and entertaining. His power punches almost brought Mayweather Jr to the canvass. The big problem with Mosley against Floyd was his slick defense. Floyd was being careful in the middle to last rounds as he continued with his shoulder roll defense and won the fight by unanimous decision; Mosley’s score was far behind.

Even at 39 years old, Shane Mosley still has that one-punch knockout power in both his fists. He trained hard for the fight because he knows he is up against the best in the business. He is expected to start quick and unleash the warrior in him early on. He will throw his big punches in the early rounds to the chin of Pacquiao just like what he did to Floyd.

The big problem with Pacquiao is that once someone tagged him with a power punch, he tends to counter back and become more aggressive. This is absolutely the type of opponent Shane Mosley wants to fight. In the first round against Floyd, Mosley hit him with a right straight but the fellow American held his arm to control his [Floyd] balance. Floyd continued to attack and got hit again by Mosley’s power punches but it’s still not enough.

The most notable punch by Mosley to Floyd was the right hook in the second round of their fight. Mayweather almost got knocked down but he was able to control his balance. He covered himself most of the time and released some punches when he had the chance. After the second round, Floyd brought back his composure and defended himself very well.

In that fight, both fighters threw almost the same number of punches. Mayweather threw 477 and landed 208 (44%) while Mosley threw 452 punches but landed only 92 (20%). The big thing that mattered in that fight was clearly Floyd Mayweather’s defense and accuracy of his punches.

On May 7 in the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight Manny Pacquiao will have a hard time dealing with the big solid punches of Shane Mosley. Shane is prepared to fight twelve long rounds but he is expected to wear down in the last rounds. To be able to win against Pacquiao, Shane must let loose everything he’s got early on. If he can hit Manny with a big right hand, he need to finish the fight as fast as he can to avoid Pacman from being composed again.

Manny Pacquiao, a congressman in the lone province of Sarangani in the Philippines, knows how difficult an opponent Shane Mosley is for him. In his two-month training for the upcoming Mosley vs Pacquiao fight, Manny never took Shane Mosley for granted. Even with Mosley’s recent bad performances, he is still powerful and fast. He is a much bigger and taller opponent than Pacman and his reach is also a big advantage.

Manny is the heavy 7-to-1 favorite of this fight. This means that if you bet $7000 for Pacquiao it will only yield $1000 if he wins.

There are a lot of people out there who still believes in Shane’s abilities. He started his professional boxing career with 38 wins, 0 losses (with 35 KO’s). It was only the late Vernon Forrest who stopped Shane’s winning streak.

Pacquiao and Mosley are now in Las vegas. They were welcomed by Bob Arum, the media and fans in the lobby of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, yesterday. Many are excited to see their fight. The first 4-5 rounds will be super entertaining but if the fight goes the distance, the show will all be Manny Pacquiao, who is expected to be the first boxer to hand Shane Mosley his first loss by knockout.

See the videos of Mayweather vs Mosley below to see how Shane released his big punches to Floyd’s face in the early rounds and how the undefeated American fought back and won the fight.

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Adult Programs At Directv: A Perfect Blend Of Eroticism And Amusement


With each and every person having different choices and likings of TV programs, it is quite difficult to air all types of programs by the existing TV providers. Some people like sports and can spend hours watching sports and related game shows. There are people who do not like sports and want to stay glued to TV set and cherish every bits and pieces of good movies on television. In one word, DirecTV packages suffice the need of people of all choices and preferences.

Are you crazy about the adult programs? Your one stop solution is DirecTV that already has carved its space and footage. There is another Satellite TV provider, DISH Network who too claims to bring in a bagful of adult shows and programs but in comparison with the top class DirecTV Satellite TV provider it lags far behind. DirecTV, the leader in Satellite TV programming with the largest customer base of more than 18 million, also has shown expediency in offering all the hottest adult programs at budget friendly rates. Needless to say adult entertainment gets better when DirecTV packages of sexy and sizzling content explode in the market.

Also there are a couple of benefits that one can get if one goes for DirecTV deals. Be sure to get exclusive DirecTV Receivers with DVR facility. In this way you can record all your favorite adult shows and enjoy viewing them as many times as you want.

Now let us throw some light on all the special DirecTV channels that exclusively air all the hottest adult content and thus make your night full of excitement and fun. You can get exclusive adult content like never before. Turn on to Play Boy TV and check out all the erotic films and shows. To be specific Play Boy on DirecTV offers brand new adult programs that air programs like special adult documentaries, sizzling reality shows and variety of adult entertainment. Just subscribe to Play TV and pay a monthly payment of $12.99/month for the first three months. And if you want to continue with this channel you have to pay $15.99 per month.

Hustler TV is another popular name in the field of adult entertainment. Enjoy all the steamiest movies of the world within the comfy zone of your bed room. It is available at a monthly rate of $39.99 every month. You can get 90-minute blocks just at $10.99 every month.

Enhancing your joy DirecTV has started Adult on Demand service. That is to say you can catch hold of hottest adult entertainment available at once on demand. For this you need DirecTV HD DVR being connected to broadband network in your home. Tune in to channels 1588, 1594, 1596, 1598, and 1599 for Adult Video on Demand.

For the ultimate in variety, get the Adult All Access Pass and enjoy six sensual channels. Just select choicest on from six steamy DirecTV channels on adult programs. You have a couple of options in hand. That is to say, if you can get a 90-minute movie, click on any title playing on Chs. 594-599. To order a six-hour block of all six channels, you have to click on to Adult All Access Pass on Ch.591 or Ch.592.

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Friday the 13th TV Series: Three Seasons of Terror


The Friday the 13th TV series ran for just three seasons, starting with the fall 1987 lineup and ending in 1990.  The original name for the series was The 13th Hour, but executives changed the name to draw in an audience with the more familiar name of the popular slasher movie series hoping to develop a fan base from those who were hoping to get their Jason Voorhies fix. Rumors persisted throughout the entire 72 episode run that there would be some link from television series to the movies of that name, but it never came to pass. One of the most persistent of these rumors was that Jason’s hockey mask from the movies would be one of the cursed items. That rumor suggested that the mask would be the final item that had to be found, but that was never the case.

The basic premise of the Friday the 13th TV series was simple: a man named Lewis Vendredi was supposed to sell a number of cursed items for the Devil but broke the deal. After his death, the antique shop and its contents were passed on to his niece and her distant cousin. The pair and the dead man’s strange friend try to get all of the cursed items back so that they are not harming people- each item must be found, returned and then taken back to a special vault.

Although this TV series had a relatively short run, it is still occasionally shown as part of sci-fi channel special events, and it was also released as a box set in 2008 with the release of the first season on a six disc set. The third and final season was released in 2009 as a five disc set containing all 20 episodes.

Some fans of the movies were angered by the use of the name by the Friday the 13th TV Series; however, others were more generous with the choice of the name and became solid fans. It never gained widespread popularity, however, and remained mostly a niche show with a small but loyal market share. It still does well when shown on various venues with several episodes being deemed fan favorites.

This TV series was ambitious to the point of pushing the envelope of acceptability in terms of both the level of violence and sexuality it showed on the screen. However, what the Friday the 13th TV series was effective in, was earning award nominations, including two Emmy nods for Visual and Graphic Effects as well as others.

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Sajan Re unit gets a day off in Goa!



Sajan Re unit gets a day off in Goa!

Guess who enjoyed in Goa recently? None other than the entire cast of Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo!! They all decided to pack their beach wear to soak some sun in Goa!

It so happened that due to some reasons the technical crew got delayed and reached the set a day later than the schedule. This was a fantastic reason for the entire crew to party & enjoy the day off!! So they all hired bikes & left for a road trip across the streets in Goa. While they thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful view & the beaches across, they did not realize that the bright sun was tanning their skin! As a result the make-up artists had a tough time getting their skin tone to normal when they reported on the set the next day!

Not only did they work hard, but partied even harder! Taking the saying “When in Goa, do what the Goan’s do” seriously, the family combined work with pleasure. The team that is otherwise confined to the sets had a gala time while exploring the city. On the first day, they hired bikes and drove around Panji. They even went swimming at the beaches while enjoying the traditional fish curry & rice.

Talking about their visit Apoorva aka Sumeet Raghavan said, “The minute I knew that we were going to Goa, I couldn’t control my excitement! We had a blast together. It was like going out with the entire family and doing lots of masti. Nothing is as good as a perfect combination of work & pleasure. It was indeed very refreshing and rejuvenating. I really wanted to participate in some adventurous sports, but due to lack of time, we just couldn’t.”

All in all the family had a thrilling and adventurous time in Goa! Amongst the work, the entire family of Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo had a blast!

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at 9.00 pm only on SAB TV

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Know How To Select Between Plasma Or LCD Wall Mounts, Swivels Or Lift Cabinets


Purchasing LCD Or Plasma TV Lift Cabinets Need Not Be A Complex Endeavor

Are you interested in purchasing a mechanism that will improve your television viewing experience while also giving your home a more streamlined and attractive appearance?

If so, you might consider LCD TV wall mounts, plasma TV lift cabinets, TV swivels or similar mechanisms. With the help of these mechanisms, you can easily tuck your television away when not in use — or even hide the display completely out of view. Yet, when the time comes to utilize your television, getting it into perfect viewing position is as simple as the push of a button.

While there are many benefits associated with LCD and plasma TV lift cabinets, swivels and wall mounts, there are several things you should keep in mind when selecting the mechanism that is right for you. Some of the benefits these specialized mechanisms offer include:

  • What materials were used to create the mechanism?
    Clearly, you want a mechanism made from durable, long-lasting materials such as steel with an outer aluminum frame. Rugged materials will help ensure a longer life for the overall mechanism.
  • How big is the television?
    You must be certain to select a mechanism designed to hold the size and weight of your television.
  • What components were used in the construction of the mechanism?
    By selecting a mechanism made with high-quality, durable components, you lift will be certain to enjoy a long life with smooth function.
  • How much movement does the mechanism involve?
    Ideally, you want to select a mechanism that will allow you to swivel the television or to otherwise adjust its angle easily.
  • How is the mechanism installed?
    If you plan to install the mechanism yourself, you’ll want to select a model that is easy to install.
  • Where will the television be placed?
    When deciding which type of mechanism is appropriate, you need to consider where the television will be placed. In areas where you don’t want to install a cabinet, for example, a wall mount may be more appropriate.

While there are many different mechanisms to select from, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed by your options. Whether you choose plasma or LCD TV wall mounts, lift cabinets or swivels, you will be thrilled by the end result. Just be sure to identify your needs and explore all of your options so you will be sure to select the one that is right for you. The luxury and ease-of-use of one of these lifts is simply without compare.

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Michael Vick Gets Endorsement Deal


The terms were not disclosed, however Michael Vick signed an endorsement deal with Unequal Technologies, a local firm which makes several kinds of sports pads.  He wore a special vest from them when he returned from a rib injury, as well as their shoulder and thigh pads, the rest of the season.

This marks another step in Vick’s slow progress to regain a level of public acceptance that further dims his past transgressions.  Company spokespersons indicate they are part of the small community that deems Vick to be sincere in his efforts to change his life, when the CEO mentioned such things as “he deserves an opportunity”, “he’s good people”, and “he’s paid his dues”. He even mentioned President Obama as having “reached out to him.”

We’ll see if that sentiment gains any momentum with respect to national firms, or if the negative public sentiment has any influence.

Vick’s Season Over. When Will the Story Really End?


While Michael Vick’s football season ended by a hair when his potential game winning pass was intercepted in the end zone, it really came down to the two missed field goals by David Akers.  I’m sure Akers is taking it hard, but it’s just a familiar story of doing the job when it counts.  Akers had been very solid in playoff performances in the past having only missed twice in 21 prior attempts.  Vick put together a decent come back attempt, ultimately throwing for 292 yards in the game and scoring a rushing touchdown, however those six points would have made the difference in the 21-16 loss.

The Green Bay Packers move on, and the Eagles are done.  While the season is over for Michael Vick, his personal story carries on.  We’ll be watching and reporting as fans and the media weighs in on Vick’s comeback, the accolades he received and whether redemption is achieved.  There are still groups suggesting the most radical punishment still awaits for the man, who brought a lot of attention to the subject of animal cruelty.  When, if ever will he be able to prove that his life has turned a new leaf?  Is there even a remote possibility that his sincerity and dignity can be restored?  With all the attention given to athletes around the world who violate both criminal and societal laws, where will Mr. Vick fit in?  Among congressional inquiries and international involvement, what will be the outcome, given that both the crime and the punishment are both in the past?  I have spoken to a lot of people who make the very arguable case that greater consideration should be given to animal victims over human ones.  At the same time, we must all look at the world from the perspective of our fellow man, and how we relate to them, first and foremost.  Michael Vick is merely one of them.

Roadblocks Continue to Plague Google TV


Although there have been some recent updates to Google TV since its roll out, problems continue to prevent it’s advancement.

There has been an update to the Netflix app, as well to the “dual view” or picture-in-picture feature, which allows you to both adjust the size and position of the image.  In addition Google has decided to introduce a mobile app of their own, although only available through Android at the moment.

However since we heard that Sony was about to ship Google TV to Europe early next year, it appears that as of now, Google has asked manufacturers to delay hardware releases until adjustments can be made to the software.  Sony has apparently reaffirmed its commitment to the product, nevertheless, despite some bad reviews in the business news, which makes it uncertain as to how successful it’s been since coming to market in October in the U.S.

That means anticipated announced releases of Google enabled TV’s from LG, Sharp and Toshiba will likely not happen for now.   Software problems being addressed are possibly related to the Android operating system.

We’ll continue to monitor developments to see if Google can get it together and beat the odds in this extremely competitive environment.  In the meantime the search continues for the best online TV experience.

Michael Vick Shocks the Giants


Most of the excitement came on the last play, when the Giants rookie punter Matt Dodge, who was undoubtedly instructed to kick it out of bounds, booted a line drive directly to DeSean Jackson, who didn’t quite handle it at first, then picked it up and ran straight down for a 65 yard touchdown.  That sealed the 38-31 victory over the Giants, which means that if they win one of their last two games, the division title belongs to the Eagles.

Nevertheless, the day still belonged to Vick.  He was held off in the first half, and the Eagles only scored three.  Vick made some beautiful runs, going 10 times on the ground, for 130 yards.  He had an interception, but still got 242 passing yards and three touchdowns.  Once again, the coolest head prevails.  That was the real excitement as Vick led the Eagles back from 21 points down with just over 8 minutes remaining.  Kind of felt sorry for Dodge through, when they zoomed in on his side line thrashing after he failed to get the punt out of bounds.

We’re getting closer to the day of reckoning when the situation will determine if Michael Vick will be seen as vindicated for the chance received, which many feel he did not deserve.

Seth MacFarlane’s Animated Series’ Hit Santa’s Image, Hard!


Watching Sunday’s episodes of “The Cleveland Show”, “Family Guy” and “American Dad” certainly provided some new perspective on the Santa Clause tradition!  “The Cleveland Show” was a repeat of Season 1′s “A Cleveland Brown Christmas” where Cleveland plays Santa at the office Christmas party, and after a few too many egg nogs, informs Rallo that his Dad is a “good-for nothing deadbeat”.  He spends the rest of the show trying to reconnect the family and act like an “appropriate” Santa.  Simple enough, and not too hilarious, even the second time around.

Then, on to the new episode of “Family Guy” which features the ever-popular Brian and Stewie formula which starts with the pair trying to visit Santa at the crowded mall.  After attempting  to join Quagmire in the line, they end up offending Quagmire’s niece, then missing Santa. causing the disappointed Stewie to decide to go to the North Pole to seek revenge.  Brian tries to avoid the “Santa is not real” discussion and tries to trick Stewie by taking him to a North Pole theme park, which fails, and Stewie reveals his true intention, which is to kill Santa.  Forcing Brian to cooperate with his laser gun, they proceed on a trek to the North Pole, where with the help of a friendly Canadian who provides them with a snowmobile they proceed north til their gas gives out.  Ultimately they arrive at the gates of Santa’s workshop which is an industrial factory where we find a sickly Santa Clause, practically near death and despondent over the fact that the world’s growing demand for presents has caused the operation to become a toxic waste producing enterprise manned by an over-taxed in-bred army of mutant elves.  On top of that, the reindeer have become monsters with a taste for “elf flesh”.  Since Santa’s message in song, revealed that “Christmas Time is Killing Us”, Brian and Stewie decide they will have to fulfill the toy deliveries for the bed-ridden Santa.  Things really go down hill from there, with the pair crashing the sleigh on their first landing attempt, hanging the reindeer in a tree, then proceeding to lock themselves out of the house, breaking in, and ultimately being discovered by the Father of the house.  They handle that by bludgeoning Dad to death, but while attempting to escape are discovered by the rest of the family, forcing them to eliminate Mom, and tie up the kid who witnesses the whole thing.  After cleaning up the crime scene and escaping in the Stewie-altered jet powered sleigh, they come to the conclusion that Christmas can still be saved!  When the world awakens Christmas morning to discover there are no presents, Brian and Stewie appear on the news to reveal the sorry state Christmas and Santa have come to, and petition humanity to reduce their demand each Christmas to only one present.  We happily find that this is universally accepted, and Christmas joy is restored along with Santa and his magical kingdom.  Oh yeah, except for the murdered family…….but that’s only one family, compared to the universal good, right?!  The real insights come from the few appearances by a Santa-ish looking narrator who adds some hilarious tidbits that really bring perspective to the whole thing.

Finally, if that experience of murder and mayhem didn’t do it, we mosey into “American Dad”, where it’s established at the start that son-in-law Jeff, is still writing letters to Santa.  This disappointment for Stan is minor as he decides to give Steve a machine gun for Christmas.  Of course Francine objects, so Stan keeps his promise of not giving that as a Christmas gift, by presenting it to Steve early.  In the meantime we find Roger attempting to find a solution to the common problem facing humanity, in that he is unable to get drunk.  He is given hope by the liquor store owner who tells of a legend of a nine-foot tall, blind moonshiner with four arms and the tongue of a dragon who purportedly makes the strongest whiskey on earth, and lives atop a tall mountain.  When Roger makes the trek to the mountains with the aid of the map the store owner provides, he meets up with Bob-Todd Williams, an old moonshiner who in fact produces the whiskey, which Roger samples and only then has the vision of Bob-Todd appearing in the form of the mythological creature  In the meantime Steve and his Dad go to the mall toting the new gun, Steve accidentally kills who he believes to be a mall Santa.  After failing to identify the person by his prints in the CIA computer, the family, now all aware, bury the body in the woods.  After a series of “i know what you did” notes, the family discovers the body gone, and an evil looking elf reveals that the real Santa is recovering at the North Pole and preparing his revenge against the Smiths.  The family attempts to hide at Bob-Todd’s mountain cabin, but their location is revealed by Jeff’s letters to Santa.  When Santa and his army show up, a massive scene of carnage unfolds as bullet ridden bodies of reindeer, elves and giant snowmen fall under the hail of machine gun fire provided by the Smith family, assisted by Roger, Jeff and Bob-Todd.  Ultimately Jeff proves his loyalty to the Smith Family by sticking Santa, gains Stan’s favor, and Santa’s army retreats with the promise to return next year to finish the job, thus establishing the new Smith family Christmas tradition.

After watching these three shows, you gotta admit one thing;  Christmas is NOT about Santa Clause, no matter how hard he is to kill!

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